GROWL: Madness and Plagues

Created by Joey Vigour

Pre-order the new expansions, which are estimated to ship in March 2021. We also have the Howly Growly deluxe version and other expansions. TO PURCHASE AN ADD-ON: Click on it, add it to your cart, then close the window and select any other Add-Ons before checking out. There will be some small fees added to the shipping due to weight increases. These prices are directly based on actual shipping costs. Contact us if you have questions.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Costs and Spotlight on Expansion Art!
9 months ago – Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 03:46:38 AM


Two brand new Final Night cards are unlocked and we started unlocking new Madness cards! We'll keep going with them until the campaign ends. There's no limit to how many new cards we can create, since Madness is a deck you draw from; it does not need to have a certain number of cards. More cards means more combinations and interesting things that can happen.

Currently Madness has added a new card, with more to come. Plagues has now added 4 new cards, Undead has added 3 new cards, and there's 5 new Night cards compatible with all expansions! My artists will be happy to get some more work!

***Shipping Clarifications***

We're charging shipping after the campaign ends using the pledge manager BackerKit. About 2 weeks from now we'll invite you through the email you provided to Kickstarter.

Countries We Cannot Ship To

Unfortunately due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are unable to ship to:

  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • the Middle East (including Israel)
  • All countries in Africa.

Shipping would be so expensive and so risky that it is not possible right now. Freight forwarding addresses in USA or Europe are fine; see below.

We apologize to those backers who did not see the shipping document as it has been near the bottom of the page.


Originally we had planned to make this campaign USA only due to worldwide shipping peaks right now. However, we decided to hope that backers would understand the situation and decide to either support or not support the project, knowing our transparency about shipping costs.

No one likes shipping; it always seems insanely expensive, but these are actual prices based on all factors we're dealing with. For our European customers, we are not charging additional VAT fees.

We are happy to ship to freight forwarding addresses in the United States or Europe, but you assume all liability once it reaches the freight forwarding address.

We decided to err on the side of caution and list the maximum prices it could be. But for the most part, based on QML's worldwide prices, this is what it will cost. 

Immediate Shipping

The products that we still need to manufacture are: Madness, Plagues, Plagues Upgrade tokens, custom sleeves (reprint), and the stretch goal items. All other items can be shipped by early next month and arrive in time for Halloween. However, if you are splitting your order into multiple shipments, we will need to do a manual adjustment in the pledge manager, so we will address the costs and different options for you in an update within about two weeks.

***Art Spotlight!***

Now that we got the doom and gloom out of the way, let's look at some pretty art! If you like the art then pick up an expansion! Curses/Spells and 7 Sins/Undead are $10 for each double expansion.

Another update coming tomorrow morning with close-ups of the Add-Ons!

-Joey and Halley

Madness-Inducing Stretch Goals!
9 months ago – Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 02:58:36 AM

Great work!

We have unlocked 3 brand new Undead cards: Shame, Mimic, and Dreamwalk!

Shame is specifically compatible with the new Plagues expansion, but we'll make it have a backup ability if you're not playing with Plagues. I might change its name. All the Undead powers are verbs, and I'm looking for a verb for "to make guilty" or "to make someone confess." I was thinking about Guilt but it doesn't sound like a verb, even though it is. Let me know if you have a suggestion.

These cards are bonus content compatible with the 7 Sins/Undead expansions, so add $10 if you don't have those expansions and want them. 7 Sins is my favorite expansion; it adds just enough weird new things to the game. Undead adds a third faction and makes the game more complicated – but is great to have in play when you are playing a longer game and don't like player elimination.

About to unlock 2 brand new Final Night cards!

The Scourge and Retribution feature all-new ways to punish each other!

New Stretch Goals: 1 new Madness card for every $1000!

We are happy to announce a new Tainted Bite Madness card for each $1000 we hit from now on!

What? This is MADNESS!!

Livestream tomorrow at 11:15am Pacific. Prepare your questions!

The stream will be on my Youtube channel:

Art update coming tonight!

-Joey and Halley

Feelin' hot hot hot!

STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED! New Stretch Goals Added!!!!
9 months ago – Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 02:57:14 PM

We unlocked 3 more Night cards and a fun variant where one player is a witch doctor protecting the rest of us (negating all wounds in play). The witch doctor can handle 4 wounds instead of 3. When a Night is revealed, the witch doctor selects a new witch doctor. If the witch doctor dies, suddenly wounds are globally activated! This is interesting because players have to think about wounds in a whole new way.

Here's the final list of stretch goals.

Can we make it to the big 50?

To help us achieve these, increase your pledge by adding the amount for your Add Ons (see below).

Add Ons give more value to your purchase and help us achieve our stretch goals, which makes every copy of the expansions better.

This has been a fun campaign. We just have 3 more days! Let's get wild!


9 months ago – Wed, Sep 09, 2020 at 12:59:51 AM

Awesome work everyone! This has been a wonderful experience for myself and for Halley (who is assisting with production and fulfillment). 

More stretch goals posted tomorrow!

Wow! We've blown through our stretch goals, and we'll post the remaining stretch goals tomorrow. I bet we can get to 45k or even 50k. The stretch goal cards will come inside the new expansions, so be aware of that if you ordered a base game only.

We'll do a shipping update soon. Post any questions you might have, and we'll do another update tomorrow!

-Joey and Halley

VIDEO UPDATE: Plagues! Updated Stretch Goal System!
9 months ago – Sat, Sep 05, 2020 at 04:05:46 PM

Hi guys, I won't do a livestream today; instead I'll do the livestream on the final morning (Saturday) to wrap up the campaign.

Plagues Video - see the Add-On tokens!

Updated Stretch Goal System

Originally we planned a promotional tier that would gain us a lot of backers but we are instead focusing on providing better content for you guys. We've simplified the stretch goals into a traditional stretch goal system. If you want to help us achieve the goals then consider adding $10 to your pledge to get the weighted plastic version of the heresy tokens!

Send in Questions!

Send in a question for me, either by commenting under this update, or by emailing us with subject "QUESTION" and I'll answer them this week in a video!