GROWL: Madness and Plagues

Created by Joey Vigour

Pre-order the new expansions, which are estimated to ship in March 2021. We also have the Howly Growly deluxe version and other expansions. TO PURCHASE AN ADD-ON: Click on it, add it to your cart, then close the window and select any other Add-Ons before checking out. There will be some small fees added to the shipping due to weight increases. These prices are directly based on actual shipping costs. Contact us if you have questions.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Quick Update; Pandemic Woes
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 12:50:37 AM

Hi all, here's a quick update for you since there's not a lot of momentum on this project. It is not possible for me to get large playtest groups together; I still have not been able to test all the new stretch goal cards at high player counts - the pandemic lockdowns here in L.A. are very strict, and my game group is out of commission. I can't test anything with more than 4 or 5 players currently, and I need to be testing up to 10 player games to guarantee proper balance and compatibility at all play counts. (Yes, we do playtest the Plagues expansion online using Tabletop Simulator, but it is not easy to test Madness, which is more of a physical expression style expansion. It works much better in person.)

Madness/Plagues was supposed to ship in March, meaning I would need to have submitted my files already. So it is already going to be at least a month late, even if I stop playtesting now.

If I'm not able to get the bonus content properly playtested, should I simply delay the release of Madness and Plagues until the summer? Vaccines are supposed to be available in Los Angeles by March, so I should be able to get my group back up again by then and finish all playtests. And since this is a party game, how many of you would even be able to play this earlier than summer anyway?

A couple new cards

Thanks WereDino!

Undead bonus cards

Here's a couple bonus cards for your old Undead expansion that will come inside Madness/Plagues. You need Undead to use them. (Undead is currently sold out if you didn't already buy it from the Kickstarter, but it will be back in limited print before we ship.)

Sorry for the delays; this is a strange time to live in. I'm excited to show you some of the new games I've been cooking up while we wait to get this one out the door.

Masters of Mutanite

Here's a new game from Knapsack Games that I worked on with designer Andrew Federspiel. It is a really fun game where you build a deck of mutant powers and then throw toxic waste and trees and cars and things. There’s lots of social/surprise aspects with cardplay and I really think you should give it a chance. It is LIVE on Kickstarter now.

click to check it out

That's all for now. Stay safe.


Playtesting and Preview of Plagues!
3 months ago – Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 07:27:08 PM

Hi guys,

I've been drifting behind schedule due to playtesting delays (see below), but likely will submit the files to the printer within a few weeks. Hoping to submit everything by early December, followed by 2-3 months of manufacturing and 1-2 months of logistics getting things delivered. I'm not going to hold up delivery in specific regions in order to deliver worldwide simultaneously. (I tried to do that for the original GROWL Kickstarter and it ended up delaying the game for almost everyone.)


Playtesting all the new content continues. All the art is in at this point, other than the art for some of the stretch goal cards. One bad thing about hitting all the stretch goals is that each new card needs time to be playtested at multiple player counts, and that has been a huge frustration for me. Covid quarantining and lockdowns are very strict here in Los Angeles, and I have not been able to get more than 4 people together in person for a few months. Separate from the government mandates is the social pressure that prevents our playtesters from doing their own group gatherings, even with other people who have been quarantined. This Kickstarter was primarily focused on two new expansions, GROWL: Madness and GROWL: Plagues. Plagues is not difficult to test online, but Madness is incredibly difficult to test online due to its nature, so most of my testing has been for Plagues thus far. 

Plagues - Print and Play Next Week!

My goal is to get a printable version of GROWL: Plagues up for you by next week - it consists of 22 cards and 30 Plague tokens (formerly "heresy" tokens), so it won't be too difficult or expensive to print out. I will likely also make it available on Tabletop Simulator some time later. If you would like to volunteer to print out the expansion and be an official playtester, please join the Social Deduction Network on Discord and pop into the GROWL channel, or message me on Kickstarter if you get this update after the link above expires.

Preview of Plagues art

Sorry for the low resolution; next week you'll see everything in high res.

more Plagues!
Example of a Spell from the Plagues expansion
Plague tokens!

Ok, that's it for today!


Shipping Update for "WAVE 1" BACKERS + EUROPE BACKERS
4 months ago – Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 10:35:04 PM

This update is primarily for backers who have not filled out the BackerKit survey, plus backers in EUROPE.

Make sure you fill out your survey! If you have a question, please email us vigourgames   [at]   - some people did not realize there was additional shipping, and some backers didn't understand that there are two "waves" of shipping. New content is going out in March, and we only ship earlier if your order did not contain new stuff.

When do you charge cards?

We charge cards for shipping/add-ons within 2 weeks of you filling out your survey. If you want shipping charged instantly, you can pay via PayPal. Otherwise, we charge in large batches about every two weeks. The NEXT time we charge shipping will be November 1st.

Final Changes by December 1st

If you have a large order and need to wait to confirm it, the last time you can make changes to the survey will be December 1st. We are transitioning to a new licensing deal with a larger publisher for 2021, so we are setting the December 1st deadline for "stragglers" to fill out their survey to ensure fulfillment.

Sold Out 7 Sins/Undead

Unfortunately we are currently sold out of the 7 Sins/Undead expansion pack, so they no longer appear in BackerKit, and you can no longer switch to a tier that comes with it. If these expansions were part of your tier or add-ons and you already completed your BackerKit survey, you'll still receive them with your order.  (We did not oversell the expansions, we just have almost zero left for new orders.)

If you want the 7 Sins/Undead - either as an add-on, or if you want to switch to the Super Deluxe tier (which contains it), please email us  vigourgames   [at]   with the subject line "7 SINS WAITLIST." We'll stay in touch with you if we do a reprint, or if other copies become available. We'll also likely make a print and play version available by the end of the year. 

Halloween Delivery in Europe?

We are currently shipping the orders that do not contain sleeves or the new expansions. Most orders to the USA, CA, Australia, and Asia have been shipped. Europe is taking a LONG time due to COVID delays, and unfortunately, those of you who have not yet filled out your survey should not expect delivery by Halloween. As mentioned, if your order contains NEW content (Madness/Plagues/sleeves), you will have to wait until it is manufactured and shipped early next year (March).

European Union

We had a higher-than-expected number of orders to the EU (despite the high shipping costs), so please be patient in Europe, as most remaining EU orders are being shipped from our other warehouse in Hong Kong. In some cases, a few of you filled out your surveys early but won't receive your "wave 1" content as soon as we promised - sometimes we simply can't control shipping times, and other times we make mistakes that result in small delays.

VAT: We reimburse!!!

We are currently shipping the orders that do not contain sleeves or the new expansions. Of those, we have fulfilled about half of the EU orders from inside the EU, so there's no VAT fees for you. However, we ran out of some items in the EU, so we're shipping some of the orders from Hong Kong.

If you live inside the European Union and the post office tries to charge you VAT tax, please email us a photo of the surcharge and we will reimburse it. This is a result of some of the orders being shipped from Hong Kong rather than from within the EU. Some countries outside the EU have their own local taxes, and we don't reimburse that, but we do not expect our backers to pay VAT fees inside the EU. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Our email address is vigourgames   [at]

Sorry for any inconveniences. We're busy getting new art commissioned for all the awesome stretch goal cards. We'll do an art update soon to highlight some of the new cards you guys earned!

-Joey and Halley

BackerKit surveys have been sent! Check it out!
5 months ago – Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:41:00 PM

The Pledge Manager is live!

Go here if you didn't get the email. You will use the pledge manager to pay for shipping and add-ons.


We are not going to retail in most countries anytime soon, but if you want to save on shipping you might be able to convince your friendly local game store to order a 10-pack for 50% off. Have them email us (vigourgames at gmail dot com).

7 Sins/Undead Expansions working again!

For some reason, the 7 Sins/Undead expansions had vanished from the store yesterday, but it is working again. It's only $10 for two expansions. You want these expansions! Also without them, your new Stretch Goal cards for the Undead won't be functional!

Which Sleeves Do I Need?

  • For $10 we offer 200 sleeves for the base game and the original 4 expansions, plus about 40 extras for people who want to use additional cards to increase the player count to 15. 
  • For $5 we offer 90 sleeves for the new Madness and Plagues expansions. The backs are the same but the sleeves are in the correct quantity for the new expansions.
  • There appears to be an additional $1 or so that gets added in shipping for many people when they get sleeves. We're sorry about this, but it offsets the "pick and pack" fees our shipping companies charge and we have to charge it if the weight goes over a certain tier.

Yes, the new sleeves come with extra Undead and Night sleeves to cover the brand new stretch goals we unlocked.

Left: 200 sleeves for base game and 4 expansions. Right: 90 sleeves for new expansions and stretch goals

Shipping Cost Sadness

While the shipping costs have not gone up, the estimated prices have only gone down in parts of Asia. We were not able to solicit better prices than our original estimate outside of Asia. USA prices are pretty good, so if you can provide a USA address it will save you a lot of money.

A lot of people have asked us when COVID "peak" shipping prices will go down. Sadly, we do not anticipate this happening due to the pandemic inspiring shippers worldwide to raise prices for all of 2021.

For those of you expecting free shipping, we're sorry for the misunderstanding. We always promoted the true cost of shipping on the page. There is no way to turn off the misleading “$0 shipping” text in Kickstarter if we charge shipping via BackerKit, which is why we have the shipping document and the disclaimers. For some people, the cost of shipping is more than the game. This is the actual cost we are charged for shipping, and we're not charging you the VAT fees or other tariffs. To contrast, the new Kickstarter for Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is charging $23 to ship to EU Europe.

I hope this explains the situation and I hope you understand where we are coming from. We're really sorry if it seemed like we were not direct or ideal at communication.


If anyone wants a refund, we can process that. Just message us. We would prefer to find another solution as we can only process 75% refunds - Kickstarter, Stripe, BackerKit, and our ad agency has already taken their cuts. I know this is frustrating for a few of you, but we're a small company and can't afford to pay several dollars per backer. As we have said repeatedly, we originally intended this Kickstarter to only be for USA backers, and finally relented and allowed international backers at the actual shipping prices we are being charged. Hopefully you can understand these woes and still be willing to back.

Immediate Shipping?

Message us if you want part of your order to ship immediately for additional costs. Only the new sleeves and the plastic plagues tokens and the new Madness and Plagues expansions need to be printed, so the other items are ready to ship if you want to pay for two shipments. We are working through these; please be patient.

-Joey and Halley

BackerKit surveys go out next week!
5 months ago – Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 08:45:55 PM

Thanks for the great experience with this campaign. We hit all the stretch goals, and then additionally unlocked 9 more Madness cards beyond that! Madness will now come with 60+ cards and Plagues will now come with 30+ cards!

Yes, the sleeves Add-Ons will now contain more sleeves to account for all the stretch goal cards (including the new Undead cards).

We're working our way through the numerous messages. We'll try to respond by all of them by the end of the weekend.

BackerKit surveys next week!

We're putting the final touches on the pledge manager for this project. You'll be able to make changes to your order and clarify to us which Add-Ons you want.

If you have questions in advance of the surveys, message us and we'll get back to you soon.