GROWL: Madness and Plagues

Created by Joey Vigour

Pre-order the new expansions, which are estimated to ship in March 2021. We also have the Howly Growly deluxe version and other expansions. TO PURCHASE AN ADD-ON: Click on it, add it to your cart, then close the window and select any other Add-Ons before checking out. There will be some small fees added to the shipping due to weight increases. These prices are directly based on actual shipping costs. Contact us if you have questions.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Funded! New Plagues Upgrade! Plus, support our friends!
9 months ago – Sat, Sep 05, 2020 at 08:02:58 AM

We did it folks! Funded in the first 20 hours!

We've started to reach out to new backers with some Facebook promotions, so please humor us if you see some changes to the top of the page in the coming days. We want to make it easier to attract new backers to the game.

Plagues Upgrade - add $10

We've had several requests for premium components, especially for the heresy tokens (for the Plagues expansion). We wanted color tokens so we settled on weighted plastic. These tokens would be in addition to your normal punchboard tokens, so you can still play Plagues with 4-10 players, but also play with even more if you want to. We will show these in the livestream tomorrow at 4pm Pacific. More info soon.

To get these tokens, just add $10 to your order and select them in the pledge manager after the campaign. We're hoping to attract at least 300 backers to this tier. Currently we are NOT including them free in the Super Deluxe pledge for cost reasons, but if we get a lot more orders for the higher tiers then we may change our minds.

Support our Werewolf friends in their final hours!

Click here to check out the ultimate in werewolfiness!

Please consider supporting Ultimate Werewolf Extreme from our friend Ted at Bezier Games. Ted and his team helped get the word out about GROWL two years ago, and we wanted to show them some love in return. This is probably the best version of "classic" Werewolf ever. They upgraded their art, tuned the mechanics, and added some all-new roles. They have only one day left and they've hit almost all their stretch goals!

Check out the Werewolf Kickstarter!

The Girl From Arkanya

Our friends at Arkanya Games have created a gorgeous Zelda-like RPG adventure called The Girl from Arkanya. If you like NES-style RPG adventures, please give them a follow. My favorite concept is alternate-controlling of the two main characters, or you can play cooperatively with a friend. The first chapter is free to play. Tomorrow is their FINAL DAY on Kickstarter!

Check out The Girl From Arkanya!

-Joey and Halley

Big first day! First review of expansion + interview with designer
10 months ago – Tue, Sep 01, 2020 at 09:49:50 PM

Looking good folks!

We're at well over 500 backers and nearly at our funding goal, just 10 hours into the launch. This is only a ten day project, so we'll try to keep momentum up. Even though this is an expansion, we want to outreach to meet new backers and try to get people excited about the base game. This may also be the last time to buy the Howly Growly box, as we're potentially working with a larger publisher for the future and we don't know their plans for publication.

We have a Press Kit here, and please feel encouraged to share the project, or the project link. Our goal is to get a lot of backers and not worry too much about the total amount of funding.

Shipping costs are unfortunately very costly to some parts of the world. We are looking into other options, but these are the real weight-based prices for shipping via our shipper QML. The good news is that most of the add-ons won't add to shipping costs because of the way the weight tiers work. So get those add-ons!

We'll have a big update tomorrow if we get funded. We'll set up a livestream for Thursday and I'll show the cards and answer questions in realtime. 

Post in the comments if you have questions other backers can answer, and message us if you need custom support from myself or Halley, who is again working as Community Manager.

Interview with The Social Deduction Network!

Check out the interview with me here.

Thanks to Dino and Tommy from The Social Deduction Network Discord Channel. Feel free to join the channel and chat with me and other fans of social deduction games! As you can imagine, Dino is very active there!

Roll for Crit review

They got a rule incorrect, but luckily they had fun. It says paid promotion (we contributed games for their giveaway) - but we did not have any influence on their review or request changes to their video.

Conversation with The Rat Hole

Thanks to Canadian streamer Dave from The Rat Hole for doing a giveaway and a long conversation with me. I couldn't hear him too well so it isn't the best interview but check it out if you are interested.